Success Stories With Coaching & Team Development

Our wonderful clients are the reason we do what we do.

Here are some of the great things they’ve said about working with us for career coaching and resume support in Colorado and beyond:

It is a joy to work with Jenny. After she helped me fine tune my resume and cover letter, I felt more confident in my materials and my strengths. She is excellent at identifying details that my eyes alone would have missed, but we’re so important. Jenny spent a good chunk of time with me until I felt really confident about the finished products. When you work with Jenny, you can tell that she is genuinely committed to helping you develop your goals. I am so grateful to have a resource like Jenny to help me achieve my professional goals.

Brianna Johnson, Program Coordinator

Jenny is a fantastic coach. She’s a great listener and really digs into to understand her client’s goals. She’s very strategic and comes prepared with ideas and a thoughtful path forward. Jenny is also a tremendous networker and does a great job connecting individuals that can provide mutual value. I’d highly recommend Jenny to anyone trying to take their career to the next level or that is interested in finding new professional opportunities.

Roddy Stieger, Attorney

Jenny helped me recognize just how valuable and transferable my skills learned through the military are when applied toward public and private sector career opportunities. I had never been in a position to negotiate salary and benefits as part of a final round interview for a job. We discussed what would be most important to my family and I in that regard and decided upon what my best strategy would be in order to get the most value out of my agreed upon compensation package. Another part of the job search that was very new to me, was how to work with recruiters and how to find the appropriate ones for me. Jenny not only explained how recruiters work but, she also connected me with a top notch recruiting firm that offers free trainings to Veterans. Not only were our one on one sessions incredibly valuable for me but, Jenny’s vast professional network has led to many quality connections for myself and, most importantly, led to a great job!

Chadwick Anderson, Construction Project Manager

Jenny is profoundly helpful at every stage of the job search. She knows when and how to ask those deeper questions that allow you see yourself in a new light. Yet, she also knows how and when to give on point practical advice to help you put one foot in front of the other. I appreciate working with someone who can scale their assistance to a range of my needs. Jenny is supremely easy to work with and extremely responsive. From the very beginning, I was put at ease and you can tell she sincerely cares about seeing clients succeed in whatever shape that takes for them. Her assistance is completely personalized and it has been wonderful to have her as invaluable asset on my on-going professional journey. 

Julie Reeves, Associate Vice Chancellor of Marketing

Jenny is simply fantastic! Throughout my job search she was there every step of the way, from tweaking my resume and helping me narrow in on what jobs to apply for all the way to the offer and salary negotiation stage. The best part about working with Jenny is her genuine and personalized approach she takes with each of her clients. She was readily available for any and all questions I had and even helped me answer questions I didn’t know I should be asking. She instilled the confidence in myself that I was missing and emboldened me to seek out work I was passionate about – refusing to let me settle for anything less. Jenny is more than a college and career coach, she will become your mentor and friend. I could not have gotten through the whole process without her! Thanks to Jenny, I landed an amazing job with a great company. I look forward to continuing to work with her throughout my career development. 

Lauren Fedor, Guest Services Specialist 

When you’re going through transition or looking to make a career change, Jenny is exactly who you want in your corner. I can not recommend her enough as a smart, tactical and creative support system to help you realize your true passions and strengths. The work you will do together is so, so worth it! She was with me as a guide and counselor at every step of my job search — with all of its ups and downs. Her special sauce is asking the right questions and pushing you to think and act with ownership as an empowered participant in your career search. Working with her I felt confident and prepared to identify the right roles, sell myself throughout the interview process and ultimately feel ready to jump when the right opportunity presented itself

Stephanie Dolce, Director of Marketing